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Sell This House
A&E and FYI Networks

Design Producer/Production Designer
Story Producer, Casting & Tradeouts


Sandra wore many hats on seasons 10 and 11 of Sell This House. As Design Producer/Production Designer, she helped select the properties, created a cad layout and design board with list of possible projects per house to make sure there was variety in each episode, helped facilitate the designs on set and staged the homes. She also created DIY projects for Tanya to do for each episode with the homeowners.  In the capacity of Story Producer, Sandra worked with the editing team to create the best story to represent each episode, providing a written edit with VoiceOver copy, and suggested clips to use from the shoots. Working in casting, Sandra contacted real estate agents and homeowners as well as meeting them in person and interviewing them to submit to network.  During this time she also helped secure trade outs with vendors to participate in the episodes.

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