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Construction Coordinator, Prop Master

Master Carpenter, Blacksmith/Bladesmith, Metal Works



I am a 4th generation Blacksmith who has developed my skills and expanded them into the Bladesmith trade.  Growing up on a farm and working in my family’s logging business trained me to be creative by using everyday materials to make parts for our equipment to keep the jobs moving.
A little over 9 years ago I  met my wife,  Sandra and she opened my eyes to the world of the television and film industry.  We have worked closely together for the past 9 years on various productions.  As part of the Art Department, I have built many sets, props, and products.  During this time, I started to explore the world of blacksmithing once again.  When Sandra took a position as a Supervising Producer on a project that lasted 4 years, 

I became a full-time Blacksmith/Bladesmith, making over 4,000 knives during that time.  
I am known for my unique and original designs including the Alligator Skin Handle Railroad Spike Knife, Hot Saw Knife, Cottonmouth Railroad Spike Knife, Shark Tooth Handle Railroad Spike Knife and more.     

We are now back on set but I continue forging between productions.  


Most say we are the dream team - we can design and build any set you have in mind.

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Tel: 225-614-8770


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