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2022 Kaleidoscope Mind Collection

In Greek a 'Kaleidoscope Mind' means an observer of beautiful forms.

A mind that is agile, flexible, self-aware, and informed by a diversity of experiences and constantly unlearning and learning. A mind that can perceive at will any given situation from a multitude of perspectives, selecting from a rich repertoire of lenses and frameworks. A mind that is playful with the ability to see patterns and no-patterns, connections and relationships that can rapidly switch from parts to whole and whole to parts again creating new opportunities through designs by giving birth to new ideas.

This 'Kaleidoscope Mind' collection understands the unity of all things, to all ideas, notions, construed imagination, opinions, concepts, theories, and beliefs.

I hope that you experience true liberation and evolution of the human spirit, think differently and live life effortlessly as I create art through arranging various patterns and color.

Sandra McDougall-Mitchell, Artist

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